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Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. was founded in 1967 and stepped the stage of industry of the country in the October of the same year with a plant manufacturing 24-42’’-diameter pipes. Later, in the spring of 1968, it expanded its activities by establishing a small-diameter pipe plant producing pipes with diameters ranging from 6 to 16’’.
To speed up the pipe production and to provide increasing needs of the country, two more plants, no. 3 and 4, were established in 1975 to fabricate small and large-diameter pipes. In the same year, the company dispatched a number of experts abroad in order to improve its technical potential and to update its industrial knowledge.
The following year, simultaneous with pipe supply for gas pipeline to the former Soviet Union and by improving the equipment of large-diameter pipe plant, the company succeeded to produce pipes up to 56’’ diameter.
After the glorious Islamic Revolution in 1978 and the beginning of the imposed Iraq war and as a result of severe economic boycott against the country and the departure of foreign experts, the company was near to be closed down. However, after a short pause, in 1982 the Iranian experts succeeded to turn the stopped system of the company again.
In 1991, the company undertook a very important and valuable project: Aghardalan sour gas, in this way one of the most important activities of the company was put into operation. During this project, a plant was constructed for application of 3 layer external coating on pipes and in 1993 this plant succeeded to coat pipes with a high quality.
After one decade and lots of industrial reformations and developments in the country, and due to the privatization plan in the year 2000, the ownership of Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. was given to private section and was not under supervision of the Ministry of Oil anymore.
By supplying pipes for some important projects like Phase I of “South Pars” Project, ordered by Petro Pars Co., Phases II and III of “South Pars” ordered by Total of France as well as Phases IV and V of South Pars Project, ordered by Agip of Italy, this company proved its lasting capability in successful and timely respond to all requests of important domestic and foreign companies.
Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. with more than 1900 expert manpower in both executive and headquarter sectors and with some substantial contracts with foreign companies is known as one of the active industrial complexes in the Middle East .
Setting an integrated materials and products tracking system (IMTS) has enabled the managers to follow up and track the products and to control pipe production data and coating process. This possibility has perfectly ensured the customers as well.
Now, the Warehouse Department of the Company, equipped with a variety of heavy machinery and benefiting from experienced skilled technical staff, is capable of unloading and storing 2,500 tons of different types of steel plates and delivering the same amount to production lines round- the- clock. With 560,000 m2¬ of standard indoor and outdoor warehouses, this department is capable of receiving and storing 4,500 tons of bared and coated pipes a day. This department is able to load 400 trailers with large-diameter pipes and also 100 trailers with small-diameter pipes for different destinations per day.
The company has an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of different types of steel pipes, 4 million m2¬ external coating and a capacity amounting to 3,500,000 m2¬ internal pipe coating. The company is one the main pipe suppliers for domestic and foreign companies and is one of the most qualified and strong economic agencies in the country and hopes to progress further by relying on nonstop efforts and perseverance of its hardworking industrious managers and personnel.