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Spiral Mill - SAWH

The factory is the largest spiral pipe manufacturing plant in the south of the country and has the highest production capacity in this area. With its advanced technology, it has the capability to manufacture steel tubes used in oil, gas and water transmission lines in accordance with international standards and standards of the National Iranian Gas Company and the National Iranian Oil Company.

Factory 2 with advanced equipment and up-to-date control systems, such as SAWH automatic welding equipment,
On-Line, Off-Line, Plasma Cutting, Automatic Welding, Ultrasonic Testing Machine (On-Line, Off-Line), Double-Threading Machine, Hydraulic Pressure Test Device (HID), Capable of producing all kinds of pipes Steel has a capacity of 180,000 m / ton to 250,000 m / ton per year.

The manufacturing method in this factory is that the clay sheet, after opening, leveling and preparing its edges, is subjected to a shaped and shaped set at a given angle based on the diameter and thickness of the pipe. After the forming step, the seam of the pipe is in the off-line production mode by the GMAW method (protective gas welding) and in the form of Tack-Welding and in-line (welding) method Powder) is fully welded. After that, the tube is cut to the required length (typically 12 meters) by the plasma cutting system with very high precision and then sent to the next steps.

At this stage, the off-line produced pipes are used for welding purposes to be submerged by welding machines from the inside and outside of the welding.

All of the pipes manufactured by this factory are tested and tested in accordance with the standards of the day to ensure its proper conditions. These tests, which take place at various plant stations, include MT, VT, UT as well as water pressure test. In order to ensure the quality of production process according to the requirements of the standard and customer's requirements, different samples from the factory are sent to the quality control laboratory to conduct malware testing.

It notes that all welding machines and other equipment in this factory are equipped with advanced PLC control system, which guarantees the quality of the product.