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Quality Assurance

In order to play a constant essential role in fulfilling the domestic and foreign needs of the products, Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. has given priority to the technological promotion, technical knowledge and customer’s satisfaction.
The Quality Assurance Department of Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. is directly controlled by the managing director, who is the highest executive official of the company, and, because of its sensitive and important role in guiding and managing the systems based in the company, it acts as an independent department.
According to the internal quality criteria and standards of the company as well as the common internationally developed parameters and standards, this department assures the quality of the company products. This ensures the high quality of the product for the customers and managers while, besides removing the need for constant control over the quality of the product by the customers and the pipe demanders, reduces supervision and continuous interference of the managers over the procedure of the quality of the products.
By entering the third millennium, the management of the company has put some important items in its agenda, such as the establishment of an IMS (Integrated Management System) aiming at creating an appropriate work atmosphere and as a solution for more effective participation in the competitive field of the global market, while implementing IMS’s of ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, OHSAS 18001 for safety management as well as ISO 17025 for laboratory management systems and the ISO 3834 for weld quality management to achieve its goal.
The Quality Assurance Department reports the condition of these systems to the managing director while supervising over and studying the proper function of the various departments and measuring and monitoring the working and professional routines of the established managerial systems.
In addition, by undertaking such systems, while supervising over accurate performance and principal implementation of the structural components of the systems, which are among the main duties of this department, the Quality Assurance System has also conducted periodical examinations of the effectiveness of the systems established in the company.
The quality assurance department has constantly watched the finding and identification of the legal obligations, and searching for the technical and industrial standards for Ahvaz Pipe Mills Co. Besides, it has attempted to standardize these activities in order to provide the ground for benchmarking with other industrial companies of the same family in the far corners of the world by establishing a common language.
In order to verify the systems established in the company are active and fluent, this department has collected comparing activities through preparing documents and quality, environmental and safety records and has tried to provide the grounds for improving the function of all the company processes (including the operating, support and management ones) by effectively evaluating them.
This department also constantly researches the educational needs of the personnel along with the working needs and the functional standards and by cooperating with the appropriate departments, thus directly influences the increase of professional and general knowledge of the personnel.
The quality assurance department has changed into a well informed and accountable center and on behalf of the company, has established reliable relations with the legal authorities, the customers, the interested groups as well as scientific institutions related to the present systems of the company.
Among the duties of the quality assurance department are developing supervisory reports on the functions according to the standard and in line with the management programs for achieving the quality, environmental and safety goals.