Calibration and controlling the accuracy of the instruments, pressure gauges, weights, meter, caliper and other necessary measurement instruments is among the duties of the “Calibration Department”.
This department is responsible for technical tests, control of the instruments and laboratory equipment and their quality inspection, and while checking the scales of the measurement instruments with the instructions and regulations of “Iran industrial Researches and standard” organization and receiving their certificates, updates and standardizes its laboratory equipment.
According to note 3 of article 3 of the Act of the revision of Iran Industrial Researches and standard organization rules and regulations, the laboratory of Ahvaz Pipe Mills is recognized qualified to perform steel hardness test as per Vickers, Rockvel and Brinel method, test of Charpy impact, test of metals tension, test of metal bending, microscopic graphite forms in cast iron, test of nodular graphite cast iron and finally specification and tests of gas pipelines for home application, buildings and business units. This qualification of the laboratory has promoted the executive power of the technical inspection of the quality control department in Ahvaz Pipe Mills.