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Integrated Material Tracking System - IMTS

In order to use the integrated information management system and to control and to track materials and productions in pipe mills and coating plants, the “Quality Control “division has established IMTS system ( Integrated Material Tracking System ) to present information in the different stations regarding tests, and to follow the productions according to the customers’ requests.
This mechanized system in addition to create a direct informational relationship between production and coating systems with the other established quality systems can provide the automatic release of productions and preparing of special reports and diagrams to be used by managers and applicants.
Also establishment of the Pipe History System (PHS), Coating History System (CHS), Material Laboratory System (MLS) as well as Product Release System (PRS) with a uniform structure in IMTS has made it possible that to satisfy the customers, control of information and checking of the pipe production and coating in various informational formats be prepared.