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Research and Development Division

Research and development division has started its activities as the youngest and the most active division of “Ahvaz Pipe Mills” Industrial Complex with the aim of recognition the technical problems of manufacturing and to cope with the industrial and technical challenges, to discover the latest updated industrial technology and finally to reduce the Production wastage .
Among the most important duties of this division are to run the research activities necessary for the manufacturers, to cooperate with the experts and the research and scientific centers to cope with the actual deficiencies in order to carry out developmental and practical projects with the economic, creative and scientific approach.
Some of helpful duties of this center are as follows:
1. Absorption, adoption, modification, invention and development of technology.
2. Wastage management and to reduce the pollutants.
3. To maximize productivity through evaluation and to improve production factors.
4. To optimize actual processes with the emphasis on improving automation level.
5. To improve and to develop production according to the quality guidelines.
6. To design new products.
7. To optimize energy consumption.
8. To increase domestic share in materials and sources.
9. To Support and to direct master degree and PhD thesis to the field of pipe fabrication and related industries.
10. To organize data base of researches in the field of Pipe Fabrication industry and related industries inside and outside of the country.
11. To share experiences and achievements of “Ahvaz Pipe Mills” with the other companies, organizations and institutes.
Among the developmental and research affairs which are under study or practiced by the “Research and Development “Division or other engineering units and Supporting workshops are the followings:
1. Development Project of small diameter pipe for fabricating 24” pipes.
2. Studies and management of die bases of “O – Press” inside the country and with domestic capabilities.
3. To design and to fabricate Ultra Sonic Carriage in Large Diameter Pipe Mill.
4. To design and to fabricate Multi Probe station Ultra Sonic tester for Small and Large Diameter Pipe Mills for the first time in Iran.
5. To prepare software for U.O.E forming method in Large Diameter Pipe Mill with cooperation of “Tarbiat Moadarres” university.
6. To optimize the Industrial Sewage refinery system of factories.